20 Feb 2018


We enjoy very much our holidays in Hurghada

After weeks and weeks of rain we almost didn't know anymore how the sunshine looked like

Here we enjoy our nice place on the beach with a beautiful view on the sea.

There have been a lot of improvements since we had been here last November. There is a new restaurant on the beach for something light to eat for lunch. The decoration is light and airy real beautiful. We also have internet which works ! Even on the beach and in the rooms.

So far we haven't done anything besides recuperate, we were both not feeling very well. There are lots of English and Germans here and for the first time also Frenchs. That's funny because the staff whom I know ask me to give them French lessons or at least the most important words. I have never been a teacher but it is fun. Especially with words like "There is a show tonight ..... belly dance, fakir etc or the way to the restaurant is this way. And of course I had to translate them "I love you" !

So I am working hard even during holidays !!

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16 Feb 2018


Being in the sky above Egypt

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In this week I started my holidays together with my friend Nicole. As we were both handicapped she with her twisted leg and I with my breathing problems I had asked for "disabled" assistance to bring us from the check in to the flight gate. These were about 2 km impossible for us to walk.

Above a selfie in the wheelchairs ! and a beautiful view on Hurghada

We were picked up by a young girl who brought two wheelchairs ! one hanging at the back of the other. Unfortunately I forgot to ask somebody to make a picture but made a selfie. We got directly through all controls and then had to take a little electric car and were driven to the gate ! Here again we had priority with all the others we were not many only 5. The flight was smooth and the 4 h went by rather quickly.

We arrived at 5 in Hurghada and were driven in a bus to the hotel. As it was St. Valentine's day the whole hotel was full of hearts and the table decoration too.

The first day was a bit cool and only scattered sunshine. We were so tired that at 8.30 pm the first day we went to bed !

The deserts are still delicious

The view from my bed too ! What a joy to wake up and the sun is already shining at 6 am !!

I found a mummy in my bed, watching TV

Now the sun is shining and it is warm. We met a lot of people from last year and when I went to get me a cup of coffee, suddenly somebody "jumped" on me and hugged me it was the Scottish lady I had met two years ago in November and also last year and now they are also here in February at the same time as we are. What fun !

So now the work has started, laying on the beach the whole day with lunch interruptions and swimming and chatting of course. Half of the guests are German the others from GB. Very few other guests.

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14 Feb 2018


repairing our internet connection !

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1. When was the last time you had a heart to heart talk with someone? A change of heart? Experienced figurative 'heart failure?'

Honestly that must be ages ago, because I really can't remember ! The time of broken hearts is loooooong over ! Except if someone empties his heart and I only have to listen. That happens quite often.

2. Champagne, chocolates, flowers...what's your Valentine pleasure? Any special plans for the day?

I fly away to Egypt and stay there for 2 weeks. We have never celebrated Valentine just wasn't the use, now since a few years it has swapped over from the States. But it's mostly for the younger generation and only between couples.

3. Are you a hopeless romantic or do you fall more in the category of practical and pragmatic? What's a gesture you find romantic?

I think I am all in one ! I don't find gestures romantic, but a beautiful sunset or sunrise or a landscape, a silvery sea, waves, waterfalls etc. Even a grazing cow is romantic ! 

4. Do you ask a lot of questions in life or are you pretty content with what you already know?

I am curious so I will never stop to ask questions when I don't know something

5. Your favorite power ballad ?

Ignoring what a power ballad really means and there is no satisfactory translation, I have no idea. If it's a kind of song I have several favorites. It changes. For the moment it's Hallelujah

Although the last time I heard it was at the funerals of my neighbor. I am not sure that people understood the lyrics but they understood the music and the word "hallelujah" as most of them only speak French.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

For two weeks !!!

12 Feb 2018


Pailettes on my photo case

a ring

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This weekend I was busy to sort out my summer clothes which I need for my "winter home" in Egypt. I just had to go away from this humidity here in Belgium and I had the choice : Or to make my doctor rich and take all kinds of pills or I fly away into the warmth and sunshine, good food and laying on the beach. Of course I opted for the second solution.

First I wanted to stay just for a week, but Mr. G. said that's not worthwhile I should take 2 and come back like "new". I had never been affected so much from this weather then this year. I am exhausted, without any energy and have to force myself to not sit in a corner and see the world in black.

Saturday we went to our friend Monique, she had bought new sofas and a new recliner and wanted to show it. Nicole came too and we had coffee and a self made cake.

Sunday I prepared my different cables for the camera, smartphone and my travel computer, USB sticks etc. At least now I only need one for the camera and the smartphone. It should be the same for every device !

My suitcase I do in the last minute otherwise I forget what I have put in.

I looked up the weather, it's 28°C there while here it's around 0 ! Since a week they announce snow, but so far besides 3 flakes I haven't seen anything. And .... in the News they told us that we enjoyed 12 hours of sunshine in 2 months !!

9 Feb 2018


A blue sky !! A miracle ....

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1. After the exciting troubles with the repair of our internet connection (you can read it here I was a bit exhausted from all that stress.

You can imagine the dirt I had in our garage ! It was raining the whole day and the street muddy poor workers.

2. First thing in the tne next morning came somebody from our internet provider called "Voo" and took pictures of the street now without the cable. I took a picture of him too. It even had started to "snow" ! but not for long.

Fortunately we had our scrabble Monday and I could relax.


The Belgian TV team came back and checked our street, everything was done.

4. and to conclude the whole story a responsible of VOO came together with the TV team and they made again a movie of the now repaired street and the connection.

We spoke with the internet VOO man too and I told him that our garden looked now as if an elephant had danced the moonwalk in there, barks damaged, it has  to be redone completely.  Of course everybody was very kind we included and then they went away. The next day we got an email that as a commercial gesture we will get 2 month free of charge. OK that's better than nothing and covers at least the costs for the garden.

Next week then I will appear in the TV !  I don't know the date yet.

5. I had a call from Toyota that they had to replace and airbag, apparently they had forgotten when I had the car checked last time. I could wait it was very quick and as Nicole lives nearby I took the opportunity to have a coffee with her and pick up the travel documents for Egypt which had been send to her. Now I have to check my summer clothes ! That's at least a nice work !!

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7 Feb 2018


1. February can be a little bit tricky given the weather and the winter and the whatnot. I read a list (here) of things you can do to make your February brighter which included-start planning your next trip, take more baths, make your own chocolate covered strawberries, and exercise in preparation for swimsuit season. Anything on the list you might try? Which suggestion on the list appeals to you most? Tell us something not on the list that helps make your February brighter.

To make my February brighter, I went yesterday to my travel agency and booked together with my friend Nicole 2 weeks holidays in Egypt, where the sun is shining non stop and it is very warm !! 
I doubt very much that we will have a swim season here, last year we hadn't ! 

2. Tell us about something you've seen or done recently that you'd say was 'super'?

The Asiatic "all you can eat buffet yesterday was super !

3. Best thing you ate in a 'bowl' last week?


4. Something you're 'cheering' for right now?

To get my suitcase packed and fly away !!

5. The Winter Olympics begin Friday, February 9th in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being all in and 1 being no interest whatsoever) how interested are you in the games? Which event do you most want to see (you'll find a list here).

I would say 1 or maybe 2 because I like to watch the shows at the beginning and at the end !

6. Insert your own random thoughts here

As it is morning and I am not yet dressed, I am thinking what to wear because it had become very cold overnight and I have to go out having lunch with a friend and before there is the manager of our internet provider coming and I am thinking what I have to ask as indemnity because of the damages they have done.


Watching TV

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